What is DECATUR? Decatur is a Kontakt sample-based library featuring keyboard and synthesizer sounds used by some of the most influential artists throughout the 1980s. Used on countless radio hits, these classic sounds dominated the airwaves for decades and have no doubt become a staple of musical nostalgia over the years. All of these sounds are available in one library for the first time!

• 11.8 GB music library.
• 8 tool folders.
• Over 220 tools.
• More than 7000 samples.
• The Wav file directory can be used with any sampler.

8 category folders:

• Arps: This is a collection of famous arpeggio sounds that can be heard on some of the classic hits.
• Synth Bass: Samples legendary synths known for their fat bass, such as the MiniMoog, Prophet V, Yamaha DX7 and more.
• Synthetic Brass: Analog wind instruments from the Oberheim, Prophet, Roland Jupiter and other FM-based synthesizers, as well as FM Brass sounds.
• Keyboards: This library includes samples that do not necessarily fall into the Leads, Piano or Pads category. In some cases, samples are a combination of all of the above.
• Synths: Leads were taken from vintage machines as well as some of the best virtual synths available today.
• Organ: Here you can find mostly Hammond Organ B-3 patches and a couple of vintage organ patches provided by Vox Continental.
• Pads: Legendary pad sounds from behemoth synths such as the Oberheim OB-8, Roland’s Jupiter 8 and Sequential Circuits Prophet among others.
• Piano: This section mainly covers DX electric pianos like the famous Yamaha DX7 and Roland D-50, as well as the Fender Rhodes electric piano and several layered acoustic pianos.