uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT v2.3.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64


uJAM – Virtual Drummer HOT v2.3.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Keep it fresh.
• 30 styles, 690 playable phrases and over 100 global presets.
• 5 drum kits, 6 mix presets, 6 reverb modes.
• MIDI Drag & Drop, resizable user interface.
• Special effects control “Juice”
Platinum potential.

Most modern chart tracks use electronic drum samples or carefully crafted combinations of sample layers. However, these samples must be carefully engineered to fit properly into a radio-ready mix, as they are often dated, lifeless, and difficult to manipulate.
Virtual Drummer HOT delivers true drumming with punchy drum machine-like processing to replace your sample library with more lively and energetic drum grooves.
HOT features
HOT includes 5 complete drum kits, 6 mix presets and 30 styles, each with 23 ready-made patterns, for a total of 690 playable phrases.
Juice control.
The ‘Juice’ fader offers a smooth transition from a completely natural drum feel to an archetypal sample aesthetic very similar to that of the most popular drum machines.
Mix presets.

Each mix preset shapes the overall sound by replacing the entire effect chain with multiple buses for each channel under the hood, offering you a completely different sonic aesthetic without the hassle of your DAW’s bus system.


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