WA Production – CHORDS Pro + NOTES v1.0.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64


WA Production – CHORDS Pro + NOTES v1.0.0 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Each segment can be programmed with inversion from -6 to +6, transforming the shape of the chord and placing the root note inside the chord itself. Experiment by raising the lowest notes an octave up or the highest notes an octave down, turning the chords inside out. These inversions also apply to note playback, providing a wide range of different playback options for each chord.
Simply Tonic:

With chords loaded and a segment selected, use the chord shape range in the center of the interface to choose between 30 different chord types: root, subdominant or dominant, from simple triads to mind-blowing shapes like Dbm7b5! The plugin automatically finds the correct notes for any associated chord.

Granular Notes:

Open a new Notes window to divide chords into sections by drawing a 4 note play of chords to create melodies, arpeggios and shorter chords. With Copy/Paste and Repeat options, it’s easy to sketch out ideas for just one chord and then apply that playback to others, experimenting as you go.
MIDI export:

To add chord progressions and arpeggios to your own projects, simply drag and drop them from the plugin into your DAW. You can then edit to your liking by editing MIDI, transposing and distorting sentences to suit your own style of music.

Powerful Presets:

CHORDS PRO + NOTES includes a huge number of factory preset chord progressions and sequence presets for arpeggios. All of them are labeled in detail and are useful musical motifs that will get you started quickly, which can eventually become the basis for entire tracks.
WA Production are real producers who create creative plug-ins that will help you quickly and easily achieve studio-quality processing. Enjoy!

Key Features

• Professional MIDI effect Chord & Arp.
• Connects to any DAW.
• 30 types of chords.
• Factory presets for chords and sequences.
• AI randomization.
• Intelligent harmonic progressions.
• A/B switching with copy and paste.
• Global and per-segment control.
• Pay attention to partition management.
• Preview mode for playback in the plugin.
• MIDI export.
• Resizable interface.
• Manual in PDF format.


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