Aurora DSP – Rotten Pool Verb v1.0.0 VST3, AAX, x64


The most beautiful and at the same time disturbingly dirty reverb! Time to get dirty! When producer Christian Cole found this huge abandoned pool, he had to capture its unique sound! This pool had been rotting for several years when Christian entered this lost place, armed with his favorite microphones, to capture the very complex, natural reverberation of this eerie place.

Tired of boring rooms?


ROTTEN POOL VERB combines two reverb sections with a filter and delicious distortion.

You can mix the heavily scattered big pool verb with the shorter spanking verb from the pool locker rooms.

You can create beautiful, lush spaces with a big reverb,
you can fatten up your drums with a locker room, or you can create the dirtiest and scariest distorted atmosphere with just one click!

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