Spectrasonics – Plugins Bundle Keyscape v1.3.4d, Omnisphere Stylus v1.10.4d, Trilian v1.6.4d

Spectrasonics is world famous for one reason. They are leading innovators in the creation of powerful virtual instruments that are unmatched in sound and technical excellence. That’s why their instruments are used by award-winning record artists, producers, remixers and film composers all over the planet.

How to register?

Take your computer offline.
We recommend that you log in using the offline version.
Launch the software. Authorization will start.
Press the button “REQUEST AUTHORIZATION”. Your browser will open.
Check the URL of the browser that opens. It’s something like this:

Run our keygen.
Select the product you wish to activate.
Copy ChallengeCode from URL (value “ch”) into keygen.
(In the above case, “SmMY%256QnT%3dXyx38KlPUBqkTBx%3fB8” is the ChallangeCode).
Click “Generate” in the keygen. A license will be generated.
Copy the license from the keygen.
Press “PASTE” in the program.
Click “CONTINUE” in the program.
Done, restart the application.
If the program still asks you to log in,

  • Your computer had a previous installation and was not well cleaned.
  • You have selected the wrong product in our keygen.

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