Wavesfactory – Plugins Bundle v2023.07 VST, VST, AAX, x64


Wavesfactory – Plugins Bundle v2023.07 VST, VST, AAX, x64

Wavesfactory is a one man company founded by Jesús Ginard in March 2010 in Arta (Mallorca) with the aim of creating high quality audio instruments for musicians, producers and engineers.

  • Cassette v1.0.6: An audio plugin that captures the unique character and sound signature of an often underestimated recording medium. It offers a sound that is unlike anything else and that I am in love with. It’s not a tape recorder, it’s a time machine.”
  • Echo Cat v1.0.2: One of the best tape echoes, perfectly reproduced as an audio plugin. Keeping the original sound, it offers modern features such as muting, M/S and tempo sync. •

Equalizer v1.0.1: An audio plugin that intelligently and automatically equalizes your tracks.This is an equalizer in the most literal sense, it tries to make everything equal.

  • Specter v1.5.6: An audio plugin that combines the best features of an audio amplifier and a graphic parametric equalizer. It applies high quality saturation exactly where you want it. Use it as an equalizer and get better results.
  • Trackspacer v2.5.10: An award-winning plugin that creates space in a mix by cutting the frequencies needed by the main track onto another track in real time.
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